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4CFT EduSkills LLP is a start-up creating an innovative approach to skills education.

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  • We are a digital training and assessment platform for life and career skills

  • We bridge the skills gap between educational institutions and job markets through web-based courses.

  • We preach what we teach!

    The founder Kiran Shetty has over 25 years of experience in innovative teaching

    4CFT EduSkills has created an innovative User- friendly Interface to upskill people

    Our one-stop-shop that offers life skills for work and society for the investment years of 3 to 30 years

    Our courses are aligned to National Education Policy 2020

    As recognised Listed Education Agents by Trinity College London, we offer training and international certification

Our Progressive Courses

Life Skills in Action

Eloquent Young Adults™

Age Group : 18 to 21 years

Phase in Life : Degree/ Diploma college

Eloquent Adults™

Age Group : 21+

Phase in Life : Starting stage of the career/ Professional/ Entrepreneur/ Individual

Eloquent Professionals™

Age Group : 21+

Phase in Life : Starting stage of the career/ Professional/ Entrepreneur/ Individual

How our courses will be delivered?



*Pre-recorded content will be shared with the candidates

Live Online


*Our teacher will engage the students in a live online class

Task Based


*Those who opt for international certifications will need to pay assessment fees to Trinity College London

4CFT EduSkills launch a

Digital Learning Platform


Courses to improve LIFE and WORKPLACE SKILLS to THRIVE in the

real world!

See what is our

Vision & Mission.


Enabling young adults to be independent thinkers and equipping them with the necessary skills for a better life


Provide universal access to quality training through the digital platform, in work and life skills, in a graded manner by the best tutors in the field of education and business at affordable prices.

We are

Our courses offer an international assessment option by TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON in English Language, Communication Skills and Performance Arts


Impacting Lives, Transforming Destinies

Ryan Dsouza


Ramji Singal


Teachers are doing very good activities and making comfortable environment even though the online class! Especially Twisha is happy to attend these classes.

Ansari Saima Arafat


It would be great if u continue this course for primary and secondary classes....because course is excellent. It will help alot in moulding my baby's language.....and also will improve her confidence of speaking infront of people

Supriya Gawali


Try to introduce hindi language and carry monthly activities and competition. So that children will be thrilled to participate. And a kind of enjoyment for parents also. Fancy dress, Color days, Etc

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